In Your Community

In this section you will find more information about Conservative representatives in your local area.

East Hampshire Conservatives are active on behalf of East Hampshire residents all year round, not just at election time. We live in a democracy, so not every ward has a Conservative representative in local government, but we do our best to provide a Conservative candidate in every ward at every local election, so that those who support Conservative values have the choice of voting Conservative.

We would like to do more to keep in touch with voters right across the constituency, but it's not always easy to find sufficient people to deliver leaflets in every ward.  If you haven't seen a Conservative inTouch for a while, it's probably because we need your help to get our messages out.  Please Get In Touch if you would like to help us or know someone else who might. 

Please click your ward name on the left to view details about your local community. Some areas will open further - just click the arrow.  Click on the name of a councillor to discover more about him or her and how to get in touch.


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