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Much of the content on this website was established while Damian Hinds was a Member of Parliament. 

As Parliament has been dissolved there are no MPs until after the General Election on Thursday 8th June 2017.

East Hampshire Conservatives are now campaigning to re-elect Damian Hinds as your next Member of Parliament. 

If you would like to help or can't find what you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact our office on: (01420) 84122 or by e-mail to: mail@easthantsconservatives.com


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Campaigning has resumed in the General Election with just under two weeks until polling day.

There has been one significant change to Damian's programme.  As the hustings event at Churcher's College was cancelled during the suspension, all candidates have agreed to meet for a debate in the Tyndale Room at the Alton Maltings on Wednesday 31st May at 8.30pm.

This will replace Damian's public meeting booked for that evening.

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Standing with Theresa May

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The right Brexit deal

Getting the right Brexit deal for Britain: Jeremy Corbyn can’t negotiate. Tim Farron won’t negotiate. Only Theresa May will get the best deal for the UK.
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11 Days

The EU want Brexit negotiations to start on 19th June – 11 days after the election.
Your vote will decide who negotiates for Britain: Theresa May or Jeremy Corbyn. A vote for anyone other than the Conservatives risks Corbyn in charge of Brexit.

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Wednesday, 31st May 2017
At The Millennium Centre, Liphook, Damian will outline Conservative policy, and...


Wednesday, 31st May 2017
In the Tyndale Room at Alton Maltings, Damian and the other candidates will meet...