Whitehill and Bordon

Conservative Cllr. Adam Carew represents Whitehill, Bordon & Lindford on Hampshire County Council.

He is also District Councillor and Town Councillor for Whitehill Walldown Ward.  Conservative Cllr. Leslie Webber and Cllr. Lynn Malikoff-Johnston also represent the Walldown ward on the Town Council.

Cllr. Tony Muldoon is Conservative District Councillor for Whitehill Deadwater. Cllr. Colin Leach is Deadwater's Conservative Town Councillor.

Cllr. Alan Waterhouse is Conservative District Councillor and Town Councillor for Pinewood.

Cllr. Mervyn Smith is Conservative District Councillor for Whitehill Hogmoor. Your Conservative Town Councillors are Cllr. Phillip Davies and Cllr. Chris Mitchell.

Cllr. Sally Pond is your Conservative District Councillor for Chase your Town Councillors are Cllr. Ian Georgii, Cllr. Mark Davison and Cllr. Sally Pond.


Alan Waterhouse

Cllr.  Alan Waterhouse is the District Councillor for Pinewood.