Damian's proposed Internet child protection law

Damian's proposed Internet (protection of children) Private Member's Bill

This article was written before the election.  References to 'MP' therefore predate the dissolution of Parliament and reflect Damian Hinds's role at that time.

Alas with the election, my “Internet (protection of children)” Private Member’s Bill won’t happen. But social media has a massive impact - both good and bad - on young people & we must keep building on the important Online Harms white paper.

It would be hard to overstate how much tech & social media are changing young people’s lives. Much of it, of course, good. But as education secretary I heard much from pupils about the pressures, and worse; & from teachers about the effects on confidence, concentration, and sleep.

My PMB was to address, for apps used by children:
▶️ prevalence & normalisation of harmful content
▶️ techniques like autoplay, infinite scroll & streak rewards
▶️ child & time-limit settings as default
▶️ clear badging of enhanced photos & commercial ‘influencing’