David McKinney

District Councillor for Petersfield St. Peter's

David was elected to the District Council in May 2019

Charles Louisson

District Councillor for Ropley, Hawkley & Hangers

Charles was elected to East Hampshire District Council to represent Ropley, Hawkley and Hangers Ward on 2nd May 2019.  

Sally Pond

District Councillor for Whitehill Chase

Cllr. Sally Pond is the District Councillor for Whitehill Chase Ward.



Phillip Davies

District Councillor for Whitehill Hogmoor & Greatham

Phillip was elected on 2nd May 2019 to represent Whitehill Hogmoor & Greatham ward on East Hampshire District Council.

Paul Crossley

Town Councillor for Alton Holybourne

Paul was elected to the Alton Town Council to represent Holybourne Ward in May 2019

Matthew Bayliss

Town Councillor for Alton Westbrooke

Matthew was re-elected to Alton Town Council to represent Alton Westbrooke on 7th May 2015.  At that time he said, "I have worked hard to drive progress on the many issues facing our town and ward. For example, I have championed the extension to the 20 mph zone in the centre of town and I am pleased to say this looks set to be implemented. There are many key projects currently affecting our town – the Sport Centre and Coors brewery being two - and I will use my experience of the last 4 years to help steer these to a successful conclusion."

John Lees

Town Councillor for Petersfield Causeway

John was elected to serve on the Petersfield Town Council for Causeway ward in May 2019.

Steve Dewey

Town Councillor for Petersfield Heath

Steve was elected to serve on the Petersfield Town Council for Heath ward in May 2019.

J C Crissey

Town Councillor for Petersfield Ramshill

John was elected to serve on the Petersfield Town Council for Ramshill ward in May 2019.

James Deane

Town Councillor for Petersfield Rother

James Deane is the Town Councillor for Petersfield Rother. He was elected onto Petersfield Town Council in June 2013 and re-elected in May 2019. He has served on all Committees. He is a retired Army Officer of The Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers.