Conservative win in St Marys

Following the recent by election for St Mary's Chris Wilton said that he was delighted to have been elected as town councillor for St. Mary's Ward. Chris, who with his wife, Dianne, chose to move to Petersfield 12 years ago after a successful career in the crown service representing UK interests overseas. Chris chairs the board of the Rosemary Foundation, working with nurses, healthcare workers and volunteers and runs Petersfield Shop mobility.


Chris wanted to thank those who braved the cold and wet to get to the polling station, and said “ I very much look forward to working with the residents of St. Mary's Ward to address local issues, some of which have now stayed unresolved for far too long. On a broader front, I'll work with other councillors to make sure that Petersfield goes from strength to strength, and continues to provide a safe, attractive and prosperous environment for us all.”